Pharaoh’s Reign – RubyPlay Review in 2024


Start on an adventure to ancient Egypt with Pharaoh’s Reign, a captivating slot by RubyPlay. This game takes you on a journey through the sands of time, where the pharaohs ruled and treasures abound. The main bonus feature in Pharaoh’s Reign is the Free Spins round, triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols. With a maximum payout of 24,00x your stake, this medium-volatility slot offers exciting winning potential. RubyPlay, known for its high-quality slots, has crafted this game with an RTP of 97.41%, ensuring a fair and thrilling gaming experience. Standout features include its immersive theme, stunning graphics, and smooth animations, making Pharaoh’s Reign a standout choice for players looking for adventure and big wins in the world of online slots.

Pharaoh’s Reign Slot Details

Minimum Bet $0.2
Maximum Bet $50
RTP 97.41%
Volatility Medium to high
Paylines 20
Maximum Win 2400x
Provider RubyPlay
Release Date 2021

Pharaoh’s Reign offers a versatile betting range, starting at $0.2 and reaching up to $50, catering to both casual players and high rollers. The RTP of 97.41% is slightly above the industry standard, ensuring fair returns. With medium volatility, the gameplay offers a steady rhythm of wins and occasional higher payouts. The 20 pay lines across a 5×4 grid provide straightforward gameplay with all pay lines active at once.

Design and Theme of Pharaoh’s Reign

Pharaoh’s Reign, developed by RubyPlay, immerses players in the grandeur of ancient Egypt with its visually stunning design and captivating audio. The theme is richly detailed, featuring iconic symbols like the Eye of Horus, scarab beetles, and pharaohs. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, bringing the ancient world to life on the reels.

The soundtrack enhances the gameplay, with an enchanting Egyptian melody that adds to the immersive experience. The sound effects, from the spinning reels to the clinking of coins, are well-executed and add to the excitement of each spin.

Symbols animate gracefully upon winning combinations, adding a dynamic element to the game. The animations are smooth and fluid, enhancing the overall visual appeal of Pharaoh’s Reign. The attention to detail in both the graphics and audio makes Pharaoh’s Reign a visually stunning and engaging slot experience.

Pharaoh’s Reign Mobile

Pharaoh’s Reign is perfectly optimized for mobile play, offering a seamless experience across a variety of devices. Whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet, on iOS or Android, this slot runs smoothly, providing the same level of entertainment as the desktop version. The game’s interface is user-friendly, with easy-to-navigate menus and controls that are responsive to touch.

Players can enjoy Pharaoh’s Reign on the go without compromising on quality. The graphics are sharp and detailed, bringing the ancient Egyptian theme to life on the smaller screen. The animations are fluid, adding excitement to every spin. Compatibility is key, and Pharaoh’s Reign delivers. It works well on a wide range of devices, ensuring that players can access the game from virtually anywhere.

Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet, you can dive into the world of Pharaoh’s Reign with ease. In summary, Pharaoh’s Reign is a fantastic choice for mobile gamers looking for a high-quality slot experience. Its compatibility, usability, and engaging gameplay make it a standout title in the mobile slot arena.

Pharaoh’s Reign Bonus Features

Pharaoh’s Reign offers several rewarding bonus features that add depth to the gameplay and enhance the overall experience.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Free Spins

Triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols, this feature grants free spins where expanding wilds increase the potential for big wins. The expanding wilds can cover entire reels, significantly boosting the chances of landing high-value combinations. This feature is the game’s highlight, offering exciting opportunities for substantial payouts.

Pyramid Bonus

The Pyramid Bonus is a special feature that offers players the chance to uncover hidden treasures within the ancient pyramid. Triggered by landing bonus symbols on specific reels, the Pyramid Bonus presents players with a selection of mysterious artifacts to choose from. Each artifact reveals a prize, ranging from cash rewards to additional free spins, enhancing the overall excitement and potential rewards of the game..

Mystery Pick Bonus

This mini-game allows players to pick from various objects in the pharaoh’s tomb to reveal instant prizes or multipliers, adding an element of surprise and suspense. The Mystery Pick Bonus breaks the routine of regular spins and introduces an interactive element that engages players. The potential for significant rewards in this bonus game makes it a highly anticipated feature during gameplay.

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Our Final Thoughts on Pharaoh’s Reign

In conclusion, Pharaoh’s Reign by RubyPlay is a captivating slot that offers players an immersive journey into ancient Egypt. With its high RTP of 97.41% and a maximum win potential of 2400x, this game has the potential for significant payouts. The Free Spins feature, along with Expanding Wilds and Scatter Pays, provides ample opportunities for players to boost their winnings and enjoy exciting gameplay.

While the medium to high volatility may not suit all players, those seeking thrilling spins and the chance for big wins will find Pharaoh’s Reign to be a rewarding choice. The mobile compatibility adds to its appeal, allowing players to enjoy the game on their smartphones and tablets.

Overall, Pharaoh’s Reign is a well-designed slot with an engaging theme, lucrative bonus features, and the potential for substantial rewards. We recommend Pharaoh’s Reign to players looking for an exciting and rewarding gaming experience in the realm of ancient Egypt.


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