Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s New Reality Show Will Bomb, Say Insiders

Avatar Charlie Rhodes
May 15, 2024
The Simple Life

In a decidedly noughties plot twist, the comical reality TV duo who starred in The Simple Life – Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie – are teaming up for a brand new show.

Despite very few details being released so far, entertainment insiders are expecting their new venture to be cut after just one season with less than impressive viewing figures.

  • Odds experts say second season is unlikely (-200 to be cut)
  • Predicted to struggle on Peacock with five million viewers or less at -110
  • Punk’d (+150) and Cribs (+250) favoured for noughties-inspired revival

Hilton and Richie’s New Show Odds

Will the Revival of the Show be Re-commissioned for a Second Series?

Yes +150

No -200

Opening Episode Viewing Figures 

Over 5 Million -110

5 million or less -110

To Beat First Ever Episode Viewing Figures (13m)

Yes +400

No -600 

Next Noughties Reality Show to be Revived?

Punk’d +150

Cribs +250

Fear Factor +500

Pimp my ride +550

Room Raiders +800

Surf Girls +1400

Date My Mom +1600

New Reality Show to Struggle to Reach Heights of The Simple Life

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reuniting for a new show will provide pure noughties nostalgia for fans of The Simple Life, which ran for 55 episodes between 2003 and 2007.

Head of News Lee Astley believes their new reality show may struggle to live up to its predecessor, however. He said: “As our experts agree, reality TV doesn’t hit quite as hard as it did in the gung-ho, no-holds-barred noughties era.

“Hilton and Richie will no doubt draw millions of viewers to whatever their new show may be, but the fact it will be aired on streaming service Peacock may limit its popularity.”

Could Other Noughties Revivals Be On the Cards?

Astley continued, saying: “Tapping into the noughties nostalgia is a lucrative market for networks now that generation have grown up.Punk’d and Cribs were about as popular as it gets on MTV, and insiders believe they could make a return in the future.”

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