Elle Brooke Exclusive: OnlyFans Star’s X-RATED Pre-fight Routine Revealed

Avatar Filip Jovchevski
May 20, 2024

In an exclusive interview with Online-Slots-Real-Money.com, Elle Brooke revealed that she warms up for her boxing matches by performing a sex act on herself in her changing room…

I Perform X-Rated Pre-Fight Ritual to Chill Me Out 

Elle Brooke is in the final stages of preparing for the biggest fight of career against Paige Van Zant in Texas next weekend. The feisty Only Fans star revealed that she has developed a unique way of handling her pre-fight nerves;

Elle Brooke: “My pre-fight routine? Oh my god, this sounds really rude, but on fight day I have a w**k. I’m not even lying. I have to do it. It chills me out. I have nervous energy. I don’t know what to do with myself. I think for guys it’s the opposite. But for me, I don’t know, it’s just a ritual that I’ve obtained. But normally I’d go for a walk and then have a w**k. And then I’m ready! I’m ready to fight!”

Football Wallpaper and Bedspreads Gives Me the Ick

Elle revealed why she is more attracted to American dudes than British blokes. The Manchester City fan also explained why guys should think twice about having football related items in their bedroom;

Elle Brooke: “I really like the Californian tanned look on guys and the New York suited vibe as well. Maybe I’m just being stereotypical because I haven’t really travelled that much or the fact, perhaps I’m just used to English men, so I’m just bored of them. One big ick is if they have football stuff in their room. I feel like it’s not good if someone still lives at home and has got football memorabilia in their room. That is very British to me. That is an ick in the bedroom. When they literally have teenage things, like football, like pillows, a bedspread, like coloured walls. No thanks.”


Author Filip Jovchevski