Ebanie Bridges Exclusive: Why I Almost Quit Boxing Before My World Title Fight

Avatar Filip Jovchevski
May 10, 2024

In an exclusive interview with Online-Slots-Real-Money.com, Ebanie Bridges revealed how she almost quit professional boxing last year and is eyeing up a venture into Misfits Boxing after losing her world title…

You can watch the full interview in video form below, or scroll down for the congested text interview.

“I almost walked away from boxing BEFORE shock world title defeat”

Ring rust proved costly as Ebanie lost her title by unanimous decision to Miyo Yoshida last year and the Blonde Bomber opened up on the struggles in the lead up to the fight which saw her consider walking away from the sport she loves so much;

Ebanie Bridges: “I considered [quitting boxing] more before the defeat because of the emotional rollercoaster before the fight. I was like, why am I even doing this? It’s just constant let-downs. It’s just frustrating. Boxing’s f**ked. People don’t realise, they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. It’s a real love hate thing.

“Quitting was a consideration because I was asking myself ‘why am I even doing this?’ But then I remember it’s because I want to be a world champion, because I want to inspire people, because I want to get those other belts. I can’t just give up. I’ve never in my life given up when it’s gotten hard because when you give up, when it gets hard, that’s when you don’t succeed. year.”

“Fighting on a Misfits card could 100% happen if the money is right”

Ebanie’s frustration with her situation with Matchroom has led to her eyeing up alternative ways to make money in the boxing industry. Elle Brooke is fighting on the upcoming Misfits MF x DAZN: X Series 15 and Ebanie could be tempted to join her friend in the future;

Ebanie Bridges: “Money talks. It’s that simple. Yeah [you could see me and Elle Brooke on the same card]. I don’t care. I’m at an age where I’ve been a world champion, you can’t take that away from me. I’ve got my belt over there. Obviously I’d like to get more belts. I’d like to get my belt back, but if that’s not happening and boxing can’t make that happen, then if someone can offer me some more money then I’ll go where the money is. 

“It’s one or the other. If I had a choice between a world title fight and a lot more money, I’d probably still go for the world title fight because I want to win a world title. But if I’m not even getting that option then yeah, sure, give me the money.”

“Astrid Wett is scared of fighting Elle Brooke – let alone me”

Ebanie recently unleashed a tirade at OnlyFans-star-turned-boxer Astrid Wett on social media recently. The Aussie has now revealed the motivation behind the feud was to boost her profile because she doesn’t think Wett would ever share a ring with her;

Ebanie Bridges: “She’s obviously the rival of Elle, who’s like my best mate. So I thought, oh, you want to call out someone? I’ll f**king fight you. I mean, she can’t even say yes to Elle Brook! It’s a hypothetical fight, but I don’t mind getting people talking about me doing it. And that’s exactly what it did. 

“So thanks to everyone that was chatting about it and everyone that wrote about it and everyone replied and retweeted. You just did exactly what I wanted you to. That is, get people talking. It’s just internet s**t, isn’t it? It’s marketing. It’s promoting myself and using Astrid Wett and the s**t she’s on to promote myself.”


Author Filip Jovchevski